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Cheese Wedding Cakes
Cheese Wedding Cake
Cheese Wedding Cake
Cheese Wedding Cake
Don't say Smile, say Cheese!

What a dilemma! “Chocolate, vanilla, red velvet or fruit cake... but we don’t have a sweet tooth!”

Traditional wedding cakes have their place, or may even be a thing of the past. The new trend on the block is Cheese Wedding Cakes!

Cheese Wedding Cakes or Celebration Cakes have really taken off over the last couple of years. People choose them because they want something different, because they aren't wild about fruit cake... or because they just love cheese and want to get some visual value out of the cheese course or evening buffet. Decorate a cheese cake well and it'll be stunning, the centre of attention.

Whether you are catering for 50 or 200 guests, here at La Cave we can create a unique cake just for you.

Our bespoke service offers you a cheese tasting at the shop to sample cheese and find the perfect combination along with advice on how to decorate.

Cheese Wedding Cake
Cheese Wedding Cake
Cheese Wedding Cake
Simply cheese!
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